Bookcase Credibility

I was much amused by this picture which comes from a Sky interview with one of Trump’s former spokeswomen.

You certainly don’t need to listen to her but an account called ‘Bookcase Credibility‘ pointed out that ‘Credibility is hard to maintain when you forget to iron the creases out of your bookcase’. And sure enough, towards the bottom of the the right hand side of the picture there are signs of a fold in the material…

Who even knew that was a thing? But it is:

Probably explains why none of the books appear to have any titles – giving even less ‘bookcase credibility’!

But it does somehow seem appropriate for the Trump entourage.


  1. brian faux -

    No serious person would have bookshelves that empty

    1. Peter May -

      I thought the same! Most people in my experience don’t have enough space on their bookshelves. Not always for books alone, granted – but that is yet another ‘credibility’ problem!

  2. Schofield -

    Fake information scenery! What would you expect from Trump supporters who brag about being patriots then try to undermine the Constitutional Democracy the Founding Fathers put in place!

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