Johnson’s government proves the truth of ‘perfidious albion’

This tweet from the BBC’s Europe correspondent provides another possible reason for Johnson’s Internal Market Bill:

Katya Adler@BBCkatyaadler Opinion amongst EU diplomats is broadly that IF PM is talking about EU threatening integrity of UK endangering peace in NIreland etc IN ORDER to eventually sell idea to Tory party that doing a trade deal with EU this autumn is the best way to avoid all this .. then “so be it”

The thread continues – but not in an optimistic way – and what is missed in the above tweet is that the current British government has demonstrated for ever that it is prepared to rip up a treaty which it itself signed only months ago (and also of course illegitimately prorogued Parliament to prevent extended discussion of the same agreement).

The current British government has, whether the current legislation passes or not, demonstrated in merely presenting it to Parliament that it is an unreliable and untrustworthy partner. Which has no respect for the rule of law.

Meanwhile the ‘Justice Minister’, Robert Buckland, (who let us not forget was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Bar Standards Board in 2008) was being either dishonest or disingenuous when he said:

If I see the rule of law being broken in a way that I find unacceptable then of course I will go.

The rule of law is as he might be expected, like the rest of us, to know, is not actually up to him to find acceptable….

So with government showing contempt for its own lawmaking along with everyone else’s – when they find it ‘acceptable’, will, I suspect, sustain a further decline in the value of the pound which will continue apace if government continues to disregard the usual acceptable rules of statecraft.

That means the government will be importing inflation for the entire country.

We forget at our peril that foreign exchange flows are anything between sixty and a hundred times the actual requirements of the world’s foreign exchange physical ‘trade’.

So unless the government institutes capital controls, their action ensures that the disaster capitalists together with the Instititute of Economic Affairs and the Atlas Network who currently seem to be running our government, (especially with somewhere between 20 -30% of savings in government – held abroad) are likely to be able to wager on a sliding pound as well, while the rest of us just suffer the imported inflation.

Makes you proud to live in the dysfunctional, dystopian ‘democracy’ that the UK now is – doesn’t it?


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Thanks Peter for pointing this out. Robert Buckland hapens to be my MP (don’t worry, I didn’t vote for him). I missed that bit In Wikipedia, the local paper have certainly not mentioned it as far as I know. I wrote to him last week about the present debacle and will be interested to see what his reply is. I can bring up the business of his guilt found by the Bar Standards Board in 2008.When I challenged him at the local philosophical tgroup meeting about last years prorogation he was very unconvincing in his defence of that illegality.

    1. Peter May -

      In any other government being found guilty of professional misconduct would have prevented him from becoming Justice Minister!

    1. Peter May -

      Thanks for the link – it goes to prove the point even more forcefully….

  2. Schofield -

    Who with any commonsense would now want to invest in Boris Johnson’s spiv land after today?

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