We very much support tactical voting in a bid to unseat the Torys in the 2017 election. Let June be the End of May! Whereas the SNP and Green party have  supported a progressive alliance, Labour and the Lib Dems have not. However tactical voting can still be done at a more grass root level. Do you live in a constituency where tactical voting might aid a progressive alliance? Here are links to a set of resources which might help you make up your mind.

A Google Spreadsheet shared on Facebook (16th April 2017) and created by digital marketing adviser, Becky Snowden.

Suggestions by David Leversley iNews (18th April 2017)

Gina Miller’s Crowd funding site. Worth keeping an eye on this one. (19th April 2017) One lesson perhaps from Canada is that the phrase “strategic voting” had more traction  than “tactical voting.”

Becky Snowden’s spreadsheet relaunched as a web site tactical2017.com. (22nd April 2017)

Compass as suggested by Rene Bach http://www.progressivealliance.org.uk/ (added 25th April 2017)

A Spanish domain, Not the Expats in Spain but the .es country code domain name chosen to spell Stop the Tories : StopTheTori.es

A decent video against ‘despair fatigue’ as recommended by Peter May is here:
https://www.facebook.com/799191800255206/videos/799406723567047/ it is aimed at younger voters, who will be particularly badly affected if there is a Tory landslide.

Gina Miller’s initiative has come up with the Best For Britain https://bestforbritain.org/ well worth consulting before you make up your mind (added 6th June 2017)

Please feel free to make suggestions of other resources which might be useful.


    1. Sean Danaher -

      Thanks Rene
      yes indeed; This was one I was going to add today and indeed it has been done


  1. Bill Kruse -

    It might be worth considering that unless these tactics work we could be stuck in a doom loop of Conservative-bought election wins, where they buy each one as they go along, just in time to avoid being prosecuted for buying the one immediately before.

    1. Sean Danaher -

      Cant help but worry that after Brexit and under the Torys the UK will become more like the US and there will be unlimited spending on elections. If Scotland leaves and the new boundary changes are implemented it will be also easier for the Torys to keep a permanent majority.

  2. Eric Walker -

    Can anyone give logical reasons why the Labour M.P.s voted for, and thus made possible, A snap General Election? I can see several reasons why Theresa may called for it, but Labour?

    1. Sean Danaher -

      I don’t know. I follow Scientists for the EU and here was Mike Galsworthy’s immediate reaction. https://www.facebook.com/scientistsforeu/videos/1029504423818233/
      I’ve heard theories that Corbyn is far interested in purging the Labour party of anyone remotely Blairite than winning the GE but I am no longer a Labour party member so am a bit out of touch

  3. samostig -

    Tactical2017.com is not reliable. I live in west words constituency where it recommends a libdem vote…in 2010 they did well but collapsed to 4th place last time, with labour in 3rd after tories and ukip… Ukip have now collapsed and polling puts labour on 24%, ld on 11% (behind the tory 59%. 🙁 ).
    I would recommend that everyone checks the result from last time and current polling rather than relying on any automated system.

  4. samostig -

    Erratum: Previous comment, for west words read west WORCS , damn you autocorrect!

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