Windrush convictions

It appears that our new home secretary, Sajid Javid, has yet to get to grips with his new position. He was on yesterday’s Andrew Marr programme suggesting that 32 of those ‘Windrush’ arrivals found by the government to have been wrongly deported were in fact “serious offenders”, so would not be entitled to compensation.

Apart from the schoolboy error that two wrongs do not actually make a right, he seems to think it is fine for 32 British citizens to be deported without due process for crimes they committed whilst British citizens. If they are guilty of crimes, then presumably they have been convicted and served sentences – otherwise Javid would not, we have to presume, know that they had committed serious offences.

So having being punished once, they are being punished again – by deportation, without due process. For this they are somehow not due compensation.

If Javid is really admitting these people have been wrongly deported, then all other offences are completely immaterial.

As Home Secretary in 2018 you really ought to uphold the rule of law, not rely on any kangaroo courts, even if the last convict to be sent to Australia was only 150 years ago, this year.


  1. Sean Danaher -

    Very true Peter
    but many Tories I’m sure long for the good old days. as Australians say be very careful when you come to Britain; that’s where all the criminals came from!

    1. Peter May -

      Very good!
      The perfect response to the reply to the Australian immigration question “Do you have any convictions?” where the response is “Didn’t realise it was still a requirement.”

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