Why didn’t the Skripals die on the spot?

I thought this conundrum worth highlighting as ‘Aunt Theresa’s’ Strong and Stable Military Grade Novichok’ now starts to raise a painful smile. It then actually turns out that a ‘military grade deadly nerve agent’ is, as we are now beginning to learn, not necessarily especially military or deadly after all.

The ‘recall’ is probably thanks, in large part, to the UK being a rainy country. But if the salesman who first called on you was Boris Johnson, you are likely to find that this product and the events surrounding it have been somewhat oversold.*

In the real world even Der Spiegel quotes “German parliamentarian Axel Schäfer, an SPD member who has long been engaged in European Union affairs …. “Statements from British ministers who lied extensively about Brexit should be approached with caution.”

Better, also, to give attention to this Politics.co.uk article ‘Why didn’t the Skripals die on the spot?’ which is factual and informative, characteristics with which our Foreign Secretary seems completely unacquainted.


*If you’ve been affected by this perhaps you may have the right to compensation, or to suggest to Aunt Theresa that the salesman is sacked. Good luck with that.



  1. Sean Danaher -

    On a more serious note Novichocks are very viscous like treacle and one possibility is that the substance was put on a door handle. They permanently bind to Acetylcholinesterase shutting down the nervous system. Apparently it takes about 3 weeks for the body to produce more Acetylcholinesterase in sufficient quantity so they should recover if there is no brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

  2. Peter May -

    Let us hope!
    I still find it difficult to understand the cavalier attitude of BritGov – would have been much more believable, if they had used more understatement. We are told Boris speaks numerous languages as well as Latin, but I fear this is disproved by his interview with German television, conducted in an unbelievably English (sic) fashion!

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