Victim Support needed

Labour has, I suggest, to become, in essence, the ‘victim support’ party.

Victim support is an independent charity in England and Wales that provides specialist practical and emotional support to victims (and witnesses) of crime.

Politically, because the Tories show themselves as now so psychopathic, I’d suggest that most of us are victims of our, now largely criminal, government.

The opposition must seriously consider how it protects people from the ideological cruelty of what is supposed to be the peoples’ own, Conservative government.

Mike Galsworthy of the Byline Times puts it well:

Quite appallingly, Mogg brings in the difficult death of a two year old of ‘a friend of his’ (so he really has some?) to try to deflect from Johnson’s lawbreaking.

This, it seems to me, is pretty much what was nineteenth century thinking. That it still exists in the twenty first is an indictment of our constitution. It is the entitled, gravy train for them, unthinking servitude for the rest of us.

So ideology and profit for them and theirs.

We are simply the below stairs victims of their so much ‘higher’ ambitions.

…Their inconsequential victims.

Victim support needs to be radical!

Especially about the constitution…


  1. Richard B -

    What I find astounding is that the Tories wheel out the Greasy Moggy to try to help Johnson. He’s been kept under wraps pretty much since the start of the last election campaign. Is there anyone less likely to succeed in gaining sympathy? Or maybe that’s it, Rees-Mogg is so bad he’s the distraction, as much what he’s saying.

    As to Labour, surely now is the time to provide some sort of positive alternative to the Tories? Not being as corrupt as them isn’t much of a selling point. People who are old enough can remember Tony’s cronies and think MPs (and PMs) are all the same.

    1. Peter May -

      I tend to agree – but Tony’s cronies were so mild by comparison that most cannot remember them – indeed their corruption was decidedly not much compared with the current lot.
      The fact that people are put off – and saying that all politicians are the same is an argument, I’d suggest, for PR.

  2. Paul Wright -

    Errr.. .Love the blog, but…Tony had quite a history.. not the least cash for peerages (mild cronies?) , Jp Morgan cash, UI Energy Corporation, a close relationship with Murdoch and Desmond ( mild cronies?) , paid advisor to Cameron and mention in Pandora Papers. I also wouldn’t forget 5 bloody wars in 6 years with millions dead and refugeed (war crimes) , undying support of Israel in the Lebanon conflict, Oh in case I missed it failed to reverse Rail privatisation and Tory anti union legislation, and introduced Student fees. As you can see I dont regard our Mr B.Liar as being in any way left wing , nor much moral improvement on Johnson! Keep up the great blog. Regards

    1. Peter May -

      I do agree with all of that.
      Blair was – and is – decidedly flawed.
      But poverty did reduce under his admin and there were no foodbanks.
      I still suggest he was by a country mile better than this lot – perhaps ‘mild’ was an inappropriate qualifier…
      But it is now – and perhaps that’s an advantage – painfully obvious that we need proper constitutional reform.

  3. Paul Wright -

    I can only agree, as usual, with you on the desperate need for constitutional reform, and that Cameron, Osborne and Co. were truly despicable in all moral departments, from dark to black after born again crusader Blair.
    Sadly the celebrated Mr K is about as likely to propose constitutional reform as perform sommersaults on a Union Jack trampoline. Cheers.

    1. Peter May -

      By Mr K, I imagine you mean Sir K!
      At least personally, he doesn’t seem to stand on ceremony, which is something….
      He’s a bit of an enigma – and perhaps as a lawyer that is his modus operandi?
      But it is odd – allegedly – for a political party leader.
      But did anyone know what Cameron stood for? It always seemed to me he was an empty vessel. Even Johnson, who hid in a fridge, had little to say about anything other than Brexit.
      So perhaps Starmer is just eyeing his chances – who knows? and then to surprise us with radical ideas…
      I can dream….

      1. Richard B -

        I like the moniker Mr K – either a circus act or something shady and possibly MI5 related. He’s another empty vessel. The question is, who fills the void? Not the membership certainly, just have to hope its not the likes of Murdoch.

        Peter – whatever it is you’re on to fuel that dream, its probably illegal.

      2. Peter May -


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