Undermining Voting Rights

The appalling Conservative idea of having to possess ‘identity’ in order to vote is straight out of the US Republican scheme of how to reduce votes, effectively from people who do not like you…

There is in fact, virtually no election fraud in mainland UK with just one prosecution in the last period. It is a bogus problem without any evidence.

In the meanwhile postal voting seems likely to be much more problematic.

So this from Peter Hitchens -he of the ‘Daily Mail’ – no less, strikes home:

The ID card campaign, which ends the presumption of innocence and replaces it with a presumption of guilt, never goes away & must be fought, not just in each generation but in every Parliament. Our parents and grandparents bequeathed freedom to us. We must pass it on unharmed.

Effectively this idea is indeed, an additional barrier to democracy.


  1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the principle that there should be a signifier of entitlement to vote. (Possession of a national Insurance number for example….or something like that.)

    In theory possession of a voter registration card would do that, but they do get lost or eaten by the dog along with the children’s homework.

    The problem here is that as you point out there is little evidence of voter fraud, so does not address a real problem, and the purpose of the current moves is an almost entirely spurious (and transparent) attempt to disenfranchise legitimate voters. A variant approach to gerrymandering.

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