The staggering stupidity of privatised Test & Trace

This from the chairman of the health select committee – one Jeremy Hunt:

Extraordinary to have it confirmed that around 20,000 more people every day who TEST POSITIVE are still out and about spreading the virus. If we are not going to make good salary losses of those asked to isolate, where’s the plan to address this gaping hole in our strategy?

Meanwhile Baroness Dido Harding who is in charge of Test and Trace, tells the same committee “We’ve seen the virus mutate…which was something none of us were able to predict.”

I rather thought that was what viruses do – especially ones that infect millions of people. And how, in any case is this relevant to the lamentable performance of Test and Trace? It doesn’t affect the testing or, as far as I can see, the tracing.

She then informed Dawn Butler MP that Test and Trace currently spends £2.75 million a day on private consultants. 2,500 consultants, paid on average £1,100 a day. Byline Times revealed last month that Test and Trace actually employs more consultants than the Treasury has civil servants.

It is apparently worth paying these consultants vast sums to be completely ineffective but not worth paying people to self isolate.

If they are going to insist Test and Trace remains private the least they could do is pay the consultants on results.

If 20,000 people a day are not isolating then that is the wrong result.

We will need a working Test and Trace system, even on the most optimistic scenario, for a further year at least. The fact that, after ten months, it is still not working is a government failure with, literally, deathly consequences and one which should worry us all.

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