The speaker should be a bastion of our democracy..

But now, I’m afraid isn’t…

Sir Lindsay Hoyle – Speaker of the UK House of Commons has now decreed that he wants no jeans or sports wear for The House. Should he perhaps have prescribed Ermine – just of lesser quality than the Lords?

Or even better, a Frock coat and tights?

After all, MP’s of the past surely used to wear that – so why not insist? Otherwise there is no proper precedent for wearing a business suit – any more than jeans.

And if he’s so obsessed with precedent …

Where is the precedent for government lying?

Or calling out Dawn Butler for telling the truth?

We not only have an incompetent, lying Prime Minister, but unfortunately we have a deluded, incompetent speaker.

He ‘makes’ a precedent for clothing – but for proven factual lying suggests he cannot make a precedent.

Quite remarkable.

For unless he does, this will be actually be a major further disaster for our so-called democracy.

From jeans, via jingoist justification, to, I fear, a complete, but dangerous joke.

At such a disastrous time, even the supposed referee has no idea.

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