The so called colonel can only apologise for the democratic ‘will of the people’…

After posting ‘Fat News’, I spotted this from Kentucky Fried Chicken:

Apart form the fact that their frying is in seed oils is exactly the wrong sort of oil, being both unsaturated and unstable, they make no mention of Brexit.

They probably don’t want to upset the Brexiters…

If there are any believing Brexiters left, I’m pretty sure they are still eating chicken which is caged and not free range and fried in unsaturated seed oils – so they are unlikely to be with us for long, and indeed, if they are, the NHS will need all that red bus £350million a week and some, in order to care for them.

Industry, like the fossil fuel lobby or the sugar lobby and particularly the banking lobby, seem to be very coy about admitting problems with democratic decisions – in public.

Meanwhile in private, they try all they can to influence government including with financial ‘support’ to the governing party- or as I’d call it, bribery.

So even when there were supposed to be no Brexit downsides, it transpires that even ‘fast’ food companies are, while peddling us food that harms us, actually not, in fact, able to be so fast after all.