The real Metropiltan elite:

All looks like a pretty incestuous echo chamber to me.

No wonder both strategy and ideas are lacking.


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Allegra Stratton’s appointment as the new press secretary is a warning of more anguish to come by from far right influence. Some years ago when she was a BBC Newsnight reporter, she had the cheek to contact Tower Hamlets council for a list of council tenants to interview. She completely humiliated a lone parent who was working but had to claim housing benefit because her wages were so low. Stratton assumed that she was unemployed and intimated that the claimant should be ashamed of claiming benefit at other peoples expense and should go back and live with her mother in cramped accommodation. Newsnight were later forced to issue an apology for this unethical behaviour though Stratton still remained in post..

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed – but I cannot understand what the PM is doing with a ‘Press Conference’ Secretary. It’s not as if Johnson is a president!
      He’s supposed to be primus inter pares and answerable to Parliament, not the gutter press…

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