‘The public love him. Wherever he turns up he’s greeted like a rock star’

The title is a quote from a BBC paper review from 9th December about Jeremy Corbyn and his election campaigning.

Skwawkbox has reported that this element of the review (the BBC link is here) when repeated a hour later had disappeared.

This is even more evidence that it was the media what won it for the Tories.

How on earth is the fridgegate serial liar Johnson, who makes a habit of running away from the public, seen as a more reliable and upstanding leader than Jeremy Corbyn? It as if a coward is necessarily more Prime Ministerial than an allotment holder…

Yet it has been widely reported that lifelong Labour voters either did not vote or voted Tory because of Corbyn’s ‘leadership’.

Cognitive dissonance reigned as a result of media propaganda that othered a lifelong anti-racism campaigner as an anti-semite. This was the same media that had a few years earlier, denounced Jewish, Ralph Milleband, Ed’s father, as an enemy of Britain purely on the basis that his son was Labour leader.

Thank you to A.Pessimist for pointing out the links to the Jonathan Cook article, which covers media bias in more comprehensive fashion and I think well worth a read.

Whereas it used to be said that the medium has devalued the message, it is now much worse than that: it strives continually to slant it, in order to influence electoral outcomes. And it seems to be getting more successful at it.

The major tangential disaster is that as a result of misleading so successfully not only has a Labour government been lost but Brexit has been won. And Brexit has been won on the basis of a minority of votes cast. That Brexit may or may not be ‘hard’. But for most Britons it will be very hard indeed.


  1. MigT -

    Re the Anna Turley piece in The Independent : I know Redcar well and I know erstwhile Labour voters there well. And she is wrong. It was overwhelmingly about Brexit.

  2. Peter May -

    I think we have to accept that you both are likely to be correct!
    Though if it was about brexit and ‘getting it done’, that as we know, is a lie. We are likely to be ‘getting it done’ for at least the next five years – in all likelihood much longer.

    1. Richard Bond -

      I think from the point of view of public trust, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as its actually being done, rather than parliament frustrating the process. Everyone understands the need to be a bit flexible on time as long as its actually happening. This was proven by Johnson escaping the ditch.

      The media focus has been about the battles in parliament, which I think will now die away. Other than in the run up to the key deadlines, January, June and December, a compliant media will tone down criticism and Johnson will give in to EU demands to ensure his deadlines are met, however basic the agreement. If the ERG element are in Cabinet they’ll be bought off and Farage will no longer have any traction.

      Apologists for Brexit have consistently denied relocation/job losses are anything to do with Brexit and as long as they remain a constant trickle rather than a flood, denial will continue, including in the media.

      As you say it will be a lie, but of the palatable kind to an unfortunately large part of the public.

  3. davy green -

    Well maybe the voters who “lent” Johnson their votes should be left to deal with the consequences.No doubt the blonde maestro will indulge his new supporters for a while with visits-a bit of hair rustling and a few latin phrases which will be meaningless.When trade talks get underway is Johnson going to closely align with EU or cosy up to Donald-he will not be able to do both
    Brexit is far from being done-Voters in the North East will notice this in 12-18 months-by which time Johnson will hide from them like he hid from Andrew Neil-Scrutiny of this deal is not want he wants-indeed its difficult to know if he knows what is in his deal-His claim of no checks between GB and NI are simply untrue-already plans in place to open lorry park in Stranraer ahead of custom checks-The real villans are his fellow cabinet members who know this but for selfish career reasons choose to ignore it.Finally Labour were never going to win with Corbyn-their shadow cabinet ministers knew that but again for personal career reasons went along with him.-and don’t start me on Jo”prime minister” Swinson.I am sorry but UK needs to face and experience reality before politics can be reset

    1. Peter May -

      There’s a lot of truth in that. And I, too, though Johnson’s lending votes to the Tories was in potentially in the end entirely self defeating!

  4. Geoff -

    Constituencies in the North have been hit hardest by almost ten years of austerity. Local people see pot holes in their roads, they see services cut, shops closing, huge increases of people living homeless and begging. Almost everyone knows someone who is working in a zero hours contract job or delivering parcels for Amazon Prime, unable to keep up with the deadlines they are forced to meet, day in day out, in a 12 hour shift. They see service privatised and can’t get a doctors appointment for up to six weeks, there is virtually no NHS dentistry who do they blame, the local, not national MP and local councils.

    By cutting LA grants and forcing the cuts locally, the Tories have successfully created a void at local level. Most people don’t actually understand how local and national politics work. They don’t see the connection between massive Tory cuts and lhow that prevent local authorities from providing for their needs. Brexit might well have won the election but it wasn’t so much the Labour Party that prevented the WA as it was the Tories themselves. It was the ERG and Boris himself who blocked it each time. Brexit is far from over and the internal divisions in the Tory party will resurface, the ERG are “true believers” and there are enough of them to cause Boris problems. I think they are going to manipulate, and regulate to engineer as close to a one party state as they can achieve. They will tie the hands of the Judiciary because of the Supreme court handing them a defeat over Prorogation, they will further utilise the BBC as their state media outlet and they will now spend just enough to “save” the communities they have spent ten years destroying, but with carrot as we as stick, in order to retain the votes of the newly won Labour Constituencies. That, I feel is how they have conquered the class war. It will be a long way back.

    1. Peter May -

      I hope you’re not right – but I fear you may be.
      One of the main rasons to create a local currency!

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