The only thing Johnson’s government manages to be world-beating at:

And it looks as though Johnson is still doing everything to keep the UK and England in particular, at the top of a table he should be ashamed of – with 444 deaths in the last week and 2,597 in the past month. Comparable figures for France were 40 and 461 – so Britain has almost as many deaths in a week as France does in a month and with only a slightly larger population.

Spain might be having a spike but they were coming from a low base (just 12 deaths in the last week for example) but it appears that Britain won’t be getting a spike because the first wave will always be with us.

This seems to me as though an indictment of the new and privatised test and trace system which is rumoured to trace no more than half of all contacts, whilst until recently even failing to share information with local authorities, who (with NHS support) are much better placed to complete the task themselves.

Truly world-beating incompetence.


  1. Brenda Steele -

    Scotland has had how many deaths in the last 10 days?

    1. Peter May -

      Wales too, has had a very much more measured and coherent approach – although it’s taken them a while to discover their powers…. The next battle will probably be furlough,

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