The comments on Labour anti-semitism are harmful to Jews

I’m sure most readers will agree wholeheartedly with the point David Graeber is making below – but I do think we should spread it around. After all, with half a million Labour Party members, just statistically, some anti-semites will probably be among them.

But it pales into insignificance compared with Conservative Islamophobia for example – about which Sayeeda Warsi – former co chair of the Conservative party has been thoroughly ignored. She was clearly Conservative window dressing and was probably very flattered to be included amoung the Bullingdon Club boys. Her story since, has however, been almost entirely overlooked by Mainstream Media.

Additionally, of course, we have a criminal justice system that has endured cuts of 40% – so any criminal anti-semites and islamophobes can look forward to a long period escaping justice, ‘Released Under Investigation’ as a result of the Conservative’s austerity…


  1. Graham -

    Very interesting. And in marked contrast to an article in the Guardian a few Saturdays ago (and at other times too) by Jonathan Freedland arguing that the prospect of a Corby premiership was deeply worrying to many Jews who thought they would be endangered if he achieved power.

    I can’t say I shared Freedland’s views about Corbyn (I’m not a Labour supporter), but it seems to me that as you point out the issue is being used to attack Labour while the Islamaphobia in the Tory party (and the repulsive views and comments by Johnson) are disregarded by most of the media.

  2. Ivan Horrocks -

    Well done for sharing this, Peter. I wholeheartedly agree with Graeber and suspect that the people who he rightly sees as crying wolf at something that isn’t a wolf, while the real wolf is waiting round the corner – will come to rue their obsession with anti-semites in the Labour party. Worth also adding that the intervention of the Chief Rabbi was clearly timed to cause maximum political damage in the midst of an election campaign and as such was entirely party (Tory) political.

    1. Peter May -

      The Chief Rabbi also endorsed and congratulated Johnson on his success on becoming Tory Party leader and PM.
      And the Jewish Chronicle is edited by a former Daily Mail journalist…
      The whole thing stinks!

  3. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    I can’t access the link, but will search for the piece.

    My own view is that what the Zionist zealots are doing, by pretending criticism of Israeli government ambitions in Palestine, is motivated by antisemitic sentiment, is inevitably going to cause a backlash which will be felt Jewish people everywhere.

    I regard it as a dangerous piece of opinion manipulation from which no good can come.

    A recent poll indicated that antisemitic sentiment was stronger in Conservative supporting UK population than amongst Labour supporters. Either should be regarded as unacceptable, but the Tories are getting a completely free pass on this.

    The Chief Rabbi is making very bad choices here I feel. I fuckin’ ‘ate the pompous bastard, and that has nothing to do with his ethnic or religious beliefs it’s simply because I disagree with his political opinion and the abuse of his solemn office to express and promote it.

    1. Ivan Horrocks -

      Andy, my experience of the prevalence of both Islamaphobia and anti-semitism going back over my entire adult life is that people I know to be Tory voters/sympathisers have always been far more prone to both than anyone I’ve ever come across who was a supporter of the Labour party. Given the ‘little Englander’ views of most Tories I’ve always taken it as read that this would be the case. No doubt the Chief Rabbi mixes with a different type of Tory to those I come across.

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