The Colston Four

This is a very incisive David Allen Green post which points out that the Colston four judgement does not in any way prejudice the Rule of Law as some Tories have suggested.

The defence was certainly intelligent – and itemised here:

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I do recommend reading the whole David Allen Green article – he has more profound things to say than I ever could.

Politically, of course, one of those very same Tory critics (Robert Jenrick – graduated at Cambridge) have been found granting planning permission to advantage their own doners.

But the jury system is supposedly suspect – yet not the Tory Party.

That this could be argued is – I can find no other word for it but brainless.

We seem to have an ‘educated’ class that take on board whatever they are taught – without ever thinking about it.

That is why, I suggest that, while both Rachel Reeves and Rishi Sunak are PPE Oxford graduates, they seem to be, in varying degrees, incapable of proper thinking.

They seem to absorb, like sponges, what they are taught without ever wondering if the ideas are, let’s say, decent, workable or even moral. And do they ever reflect on why, exactly, they are being taught this stuff?

Yet some juries seem to think.

What a great pity that our Oxford graduates seem, mostly, not to.


  1. Peter May -

    This tweet from the criminal barrister Joanna Hardy-Susskind, is worth reposting I think:
    Court Clerk:
    “Would the foreperson of the jury please stand. Please answer my first question yes or no. Have the jury reached a verdict upon which you are all agreed and – some new wording here, Your Honour – that you think Grant Shapps would agree with?”

  2. Graham -

    Yes, the “new wording” is too close to the truth. I’m not an enthusiast of Twitter but I occasionally stumble into a “looking glass” world of right wing Tories, MP’s & followers, which is truly frightening In it’s sociopathy.

  3. Schofield -

    The following article “Britain’s involvement with New World slavery and the transatlantic slave trade” had me thinking how could anyone not believe Africans were not human beings in the UK especially with the long involvement with Christianity in the UK which taught the need to love our fellow human beings. No doubt today if Jesus was to appear on UK TV preaching his gospel of love the racist attacks would be phenomenal! (I say this as a non-Christian.)

    1. Peter May -

      Excellent link – thanks.
      I agree (shades of Micheal Hudson suggesting that Jesus was the first economist).
      I note that they say:
      “it was the plantation owners who received compensation for the loss of what they believed was their property.”
      Much like the banks, who got bailed out but that somehow justified that the rest of us paid with Osborne’s austerity.
      Most people today – and I strongly suspect, then, just do not understand.
      And understanding is I suggest, what we all have to try and promote wherever we can…

      1. Schofield -

        Indeed I agree 100% promoting understanding or helping others join up the dots is what drives me. I much prefer to be kind to others and help them where I can than worry about my social status measured in terms of wealth and power. It always strikes me this is staying on the treadmill of feeling constantly inadequate about yourself. The multi-millionaires I’ve met in life have all been driven by this sense of personal inadequacy despite the pretence they aren’t.

  4. Peter May -

    Interesting point about millionaires – certainly the self made ones, in the sense of rags to riches are probably as you describe. But most of them started off with an awful lot – do they too feel inadequate?
    I suppose perhaps they do if they feel inferior to someone who has a few million more than them?

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