The best leader the Police Federation never had

I much agree with this David Allen Green comment on the resignation of Cressida Dick.

Even in her parting comments she confused the Metropolitan Police’s interests with those of London itself.

It is true that the Metroploiltan Police are inextricably bound up with the state – and indeed they have more police per head than any other region of Britain because they have a national role.

And it is accountable both to the Home Secretary and the London Mayor.

Often clearly, different horses to ride.

So should we not actually create two separate forces?

Or more cogently to me, ensure that the London Metropolitan Police Service are accountable only to the Mayor, and then have an expanded, say, National Crime Agency, accountable as now to the Home Secretary for things that are of national importance?

This would, I think concentrate the London protest control in the Mayor’s ‘parlour’ and discourage the Home Secretary – particularly the current bullying one – from having any control of protesting disorder.

She’d concentrate on parliamentary security and anti terrorism.

Yes, the Metropolitan Police need more personnel because they police the capital, but, I suggest they do not need any Home Secretary input.