Terrorism starts in the family

There is a very interesting new book which seems to have received little attention: ‘Home-Grown – How Domestic Violence Turns Men into Terrorists’

This suggests that Terrorism – literally – begins at home. As almost without exception terrorism attacks were carried out by men with histories of domestic violence.

Now I haven’t read the book. And I even listened to BBC’s Woman’s Hour under duress – in the car…

But, in my view, this is really earth shattering stuff:

From the Manchester bomber to the Charlie Hebdo attackers, from angry white men to the Bethnal Green girls, from US school shootings to the London gang members who joined ISIS, Joan Smith shows that, time and time again, misogyny, trauma and abuse lurk beneath the ‘justifications’ of religion or politics.

We know for example, that Gerry Adams had – shall we say – a difficult family history.

It looks as though we must now understand that family problems, which are already evident as a cause of most criminal behaviour, have to be more closely examined. Meanwhile the entirely useless austerity only augments these same family problems.

The suggestion is that abusive family behaviour is not only disastrous for the family, it can have even worse – indeed catastrophic – consequences for society in general.

Terrorism would appear to be family based.

Who ever knew?

And this of course is what politics should really be about.

That is, as the Tories would say, family based.

It is most unfortunate that the family is another thing they do not understand.