Sugar tax dangers

There is a new and very worrying study that suggests that aspartame (one of those sugar substitutes) actually destroys neurotransmitters – brain chemicals necessary for the function of neurons.

Now this test may, possibly, not be correct in humans.

But in my view we really need to affirm the safety of these chemicals in food and drink, rather than simply accepting that they are a reasonable substitute for sugar when there is no evidence for their safety and – particularly – there is a sugar tax.

I’ve always considered this tax a very blunt and rather ill-considered instrument – and I very much fear it is going to be so proved.

It may well end up as promoting a further danger to our health.


  1. Robin Trow -

    I have always thought a tax on sweetness would be more appropriate as it would help to wean people off sweet beverages.

  2. Peter May -

    Agreed. But the vested interests of the soft drinks trade will be lobbying hard against….

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