Such special advisors…

I thought this worth signalling…

I find it difficult to believe the number of special advisors Johnson retains – do they all equal one Dominic Cummings?

Certainly one thing seems absolutely evident – Johnson finds it difficult to think for himself…


  1. Bill Hughes -

    I don’t think Johnson thinks. He has prejudices as one born into a privileged family and gone through the usual ruling class mill of prep school, Eton, Oxford, Bullingdon Club and Westminster. His reluctance to use his mind when for most of his life he has been spoon fed is understandable as the only proper job he had before was being overpaid by the Daily Telegraph for a lot of cynical nonsense criticising EU regulations.

    1. Peter May -

      Much agree about the (lack of) thinking.

  2. Jim Osborne -

    I haqve just finished reading Zach Carter’s biography of Keynes (it is also a history of Keynesianism. One thing that struck me from this history is that leaders in both the UK and US (and this mist apply elsewhere too) are heavily influenced by the teams that advise them.
    The book describes the history of the struggle between competing bodies of economic theory in academic and research institutions and within the teams of experts (often drawn from universities as well as
    banks/finance). Its a fascinating book, superbly written and very readable. Of particular interest was the way in which Bill Clinton’s economic policies were hijacked by the neo-liberal establishment. This is what is happening in Scotland now with the hi-jack of the SNP leadership by neo-liberal advisers.

    1. Peter May -

      Interesting point.

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