RMT’s media lessons

I’m rather impressed with RMT’s media approach.

First its leader gets asked on Sky News what he will do when agency workers are recruited (if only they could find any) to take his members’ jobs. And he says picket the premises. Sky news was obviously hinting at violence and so he gets asked how he will picket them. He’s standing in front of a picket at the time so he stands aside so that we can see how pickets work!

Simple and effective.

Then this lovely clip from Newsnight where he calls Chris Philp, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Tech and the Digital Economy, a liar, rather more times than should be good for his career.

The lovely part is that Philp doesn’t deny it but very gradually has to accept modifications to his story:

Then there is this ‘home truth’:

The RMT are not affiliated to the Labour Party of course but Lynch was asked if he had any advice for Starmer. I don’t have the direct quote but it was to the effect that he should get some policies together rather than waiting for the Daily Mail to tell him what to do!

Oh joy!


  1. Peter May -

    Thanks for the link – I think Mick Lynch is cutting through – have just read this comment on twitter:
    Happy Mick Lynch day
    I almost joined the RMT, and I’m a farmer…

  2. Graham -


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