Prepare for waves – of redundancies for sure and in all probability Covid-19

We seem to have voted in a government that thinks its duties include the right to pillage society and its people. The may not be quite as bad as King John but everyone is definitely supposed to be aware that human worth has its market price.

The people are all supposed to be prepared to make sacrifices as most have done – only to discover that our government now considers, not so much that we should be prepared to make sacrifices but that we should be prepared to be sacrificed.

So we’ve been asked to save the NHS from being overwhelmed by the pandemic but so starved of resources has the NHS been that effectively this was achieved by delaying other procedures, and by avoiding A&E wherever possible.

The significant relaxation of the lockdown came with no science attached but just because Cummings showed it was of no matter. Thus we’re planning apparently for shops to open in the middle of June without having any idea what the reinfection rate will be by then and with the test and trace system not due to be fully operational till the end of June. Indeed some of us cannot understand how you can run a test and trace system out of call centres. Johnson (aka I now understand, the ‘waffling haystack’) considers it will be ‘world-beating’ and in that regard I think it may well be. I don’t think anyone else does it that way. Indeed if I’m rung to suggest I spend 14 days self isolating, I shall be very tempted to maintain that the passenger who sat next to me on the train was very definitely Dominic Cummings.

The shielded who were, suddenly on Saturday evening, told they could now go outside, were so advised, unknown even to the Director of Primary care for NHS England:

The tweet mentions that Matt Hancock should be encouraged to communicate more effectively. If he was doing his job properly he might actually have consulted.

Sunak, likewise somehow knows already that we will not be in lockdown in August because that is when companies will have to start contributing to the cost of the furlough scheme. Quite how, if you’re a business you are supposed to find the money for this, particularly is you have rents to pay for which there is still no legal waiver, even when your turnover has been nil for the last three months, is absolutely beyond me. Unfortunately it seems to be beyond Sunak – and he’s just the Chancellor.

This is a recipe for waves of redundancies and business failures. Even the banks are reported to think that half the small business Coronavirus business loans loans may fail and the FT quotes the banks as being,

worried that pursuing through the courts hundreds of thousands of small, often family-run businesses — which have borrowed an average of £30,000 each — would be logistically impossible and a “PR disaster”.

The government thinks the most important balls are crystal ones.

For them perhaps, but not for the rest of us.