The title is purposely ambiguous because I feared this would be a rant about ‘The Poles’ as in Polish people, (one of whom particularly is a friend)!

In fact I’d written to my local councillor about telegraph poles –  she replied with this succinct title.

I discovered that BT is actually allowed to put up telegraph ‘poles’ as it sees fit although it is not a public national enterprise. The reasons are evident as I suggested in my objection:

Now you are no longer nationalised you are a private good (if indeed you are any good at all) and although our legislators seem to have been asleep on the job in not withdrawing your earlier rights upon your change of status, it should surely have occured to you that some prior engagement with the community you are about to intrude upon would be beneficial for you and it.

Then I suggested how commercially unfair this was when a commercial cabling company, the old Eurobell in my instance, cabled underground at a cost of millions precisely in order to avoid intrusion.

I know Eurobell is now the (disastrous) Virgin, but commercially why should Virgin not be able to put up telegraph poles, just the same as BT. The fact that they aren’t, is liable in my opinion to Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) invesigation.

We will see whether they are my poles or not…