PM Cummings in complete control

Michael Gove has told LBC he has ‘on occasion’ driven to check his eyesight, but the Minister said he was ‘not an authority on driving.’

But he doesn’t believe in experts so why on earth does that matter?

Perhaps, driving whilst checking your eyesight – it is of course only a mere suggestion – is wrong not only because it endangers others, but also because it is illegal.

This government is completely unbelievable in pretty much anything they say or do – and even now, we are probably to have the law changed to accommodate Cummings interpretation of it.

In an endeavour to prevent despair for me, and perhaps others, I offer a few (I hope) humorous and relevant texts and pictures:


  1. Samuel Johnson -

    One version of the Barnard Castle sign had “Twinned with Pizza Express Woking” under the eye test.

    David Allen Green’s video review of Cummings’ Rose Garden statement in the Financial Times is masterful and not to be missed if you can spare the time:

    1. Peter May -

      Thx – on the to do list!

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