Particular threat for the Met Police

Many organisations are going to face a huge challenge trying to rebuild public trust when this government is finally thrown out.

And surely and most prominently, the Metropolitan Police will find it particularly difficult?

Their chief, who was probably a onetime spy, are now too close to this overtly corrupt, Conservative government, to suggest they are somehow independent.

I remember Ian Blair resigning soon after Johnson became London Mayor. Well that was prescient… I fear the only reason Sadiq Kahn has not been more resolute is that he requires 24 hour protection because of the anti-Islamic factions – energised of course, by the appalling, Jewish (inherited) billionaire who was his original opponent, the cuddly, ‘green’ – now Lord, Zac Goldsmith.

The Metropolitan Police need to be careful that they do not reap what they have sowed.

Though the, probably soon to retire, Cressida Dick seems to be remarkably unworried about her inheritance…

If the Metropolitan Police choose not to act now, it’s not just their credibility that’s at stake, it seems to me that it could very well be the rule of law in the United Kingdom.

That is serious.

At least the Good Law Project is on the case...

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