One way of getting homes for the homeless

This quote below is from a Twitterer I do not know but with whom I do wholeheartedly agree – it seems to be an extraordinary act of generosity. I’m not a fan of boxing but I do appear to have become a fan of Tyson Fury.

Dr Abdul G S Kasim@AbdulGSKasim has said that instead of using his winnings on sports cars or luxury goods, Tyson Fury donated all of his winning 9 million pounds to build homes for the homeless. An incredible act of kindness. Jacob_Rees and Co ,Greedy, ruthless cheating Tories need to question their conscience.

For sure, Tyson Fury is the Officer and the Gentleman.

And decidedly not most – and probably all – of the supposedly Gentlemanly Cabinet MP’s.


  1. Chris B -

    I do hope this is a resounding success and doesnt get undermined by scam artists and get rich quick merchants.

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