‘One Nation’ or Local Control?

Amidst all the talk of Johnson being a one nation Conservative we have the admission, it seems, of a complete break from the EU on WTO terms.

That puts both Industry and Local Authorities in an unbelievably difficult position.

See, for example, Claire Wright’s speech in Devon County Council’s recent session, which means they have only the money they can legitimately raise from their own resources, whilst meanwhile having their own legal requirements to fulfill – imposed upon them by the same central control which is simultaneously not offering the resources so to do.

Not fair?

Of course not. But it seems that is of no consequence to our beloved government.

So what offers a solution?

For me it is either a pitchfork revolution…

Or creating local money – which for some reason our publisher is against! My suggestion is that it is either Scottish Nationalism, Welsh Nationalism, Cornish Nationalism or London Nationalism…. Or local currency.

I suggest that local currency is actually the only solution currently available to everyone.

And currently there seems to be absolutely no alternative and it could get going now.

I wonder if the Local Government Association is listening?


  1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    I’ve never entirely understood why senior local government officers (with the backing of their elected council leaders) don’t gang-up and take the government to task.

    The only conclusion I have come to is that they are predominantly Conservatives who essentially are in favour of the cuts to services which they are commanded to deliver. I think this is what happens when you pay people too much money. (?)

    1. Peter May -

      Think there is a lot of ignorance and also loss of job fear = for as you point out most are paid a fortune…

    2. Ken Mathieson -

      My guess is local control in the shape of Scotland’s secession from the Union and continuing progress of N Ireland towards a potential reunification with the Republic

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