Obesity helps Covid

Who knew?

This new report is even peer reviewed and they point out a worrying correlation that has long been suspected.

Essentially, in summary:

Across 168 countries, for every 1% increase in obesity prevalence, the mortality rate for Covid-19 was increased by 8.3%.

Additionally, higher median population age, greater female ratio, higher Human Development Index, lower population density, and lower hospital bed availability were all significantly associated with higher COVID-19 mortality rate.

All these are unsurprising except the lower population density, which one might have thought made Covid less likely.

I suspect it is probably simply an indication of generally richer countries (England would be an exception) having a less crowded landmass.

So what is the government doing to reduce obesity?

Stopping advertising junk food to children before the 9 o’clock ‘watershed’.



There is a long, long way to go…