Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity

I really cannot improve on this summary of the Johnson government’s health strategy.

The question was asked by the BBC, but remarkably – or perhaps not – it doesn’t seem to have broadcast this response yet….


  1. Graham -

    There comes a point in the daily round of stupidity, incompetence, cronyism and lies emanating from Johnson that one feels one has finally achieved immunity to the Johnson Variant. But it’s a peculiar kind of immunity in that you know as soon as he opens his mouth what he says will have little relation to the truth, facts or a question asked and you are simply unmoved. And that malpractice, such as freebie holidays or claims about £350 million, will simply receive an ever so gentle rap, if anything, and you are no longer surprised. And that there is nothing you can do.

    It certainly feels like a substantial proportion of the population is immune to criticism of his gross misconduct and negligence – herd immunity has been attained, without a single needle being required, or perhaps as Trump mis-spoke, it’s more a case of, “herd mentality”.

    He says and does what he thinks will make him popular – hence “freedom day” and to hell with the consequences.

    In the absence of any urgency to get an official independent inquiry under way I see that the People’s Covid Inquiry has published an interim report, including suggesting there should be “Effective accountability entailing removal and potential prosecution” where gross negligence etc has been shown.

    1. Peter May -

      You’re spot with herd mentality.
      Interesting link, too.

  2. Schofield -

    The following articles are a really sad reflection on the state of the nation with this Tory government:-

    Given the very obvious “moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity” of this government how are people to protect themselves and especially their children? Does it have to come to physical violence? Is that in fact what this government is seeking to provoke? A test case in the courts to allow parents to keep their children off school because of gross negligence by the government is urgently needed!

    1. Peter May -

      As ever thanks for the links to articles.

      I agree with you that it may come to violence – there is certainly going to be lots of street action because XR, BLM and the travelling community as well as anyone interested in maintaining what is left of democracy will be united against the Police Bill and compulsory photo identitiy in order to vote…

      There is increasing evidence I think, that Johnson is mentally damaged.
      He was useless as Mayor and he’s dangerous as Prime Minister.

      1. Samuel Johnson -

        Agree with suspicion of psychological dysfunction. Sonia Purnell’s book “Just Boris” points to a miserable childhood. The gist can be obtained fairly quickly on Google Books. Johnson Sr was an amoral shit and the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

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