Millennial Hope

It is interesting that it appears (see the video link that follows) that spontaneous singing for Jeremy Corbyn broke out at the Boardmasters Festival in Newquay.

Having spent much of the last weeks in Cornwall (not, I regret, at Boardmasters!) it is clear to me that, like many in the rest of the country, the Cornish largely regret voting Leave. What their (and indeed everyone’s) youth need above all  is hope. Jeremy Corbyn in spite of – or perhaps because of – being pilloried constantly in the right wing press – and the BBC – for alleged anti-semitism, actually offers hope.

Earlier, I’ve given thought to how the economy could be framed in order to achieve, possibly, a Labour victory next time, but perhaps I’m far too pessimistic. Perhaps Labour needs just to offer proper hope.

That certainly engenders hope in me…