‘Mere’ competition to Aldi and Lidl?

I am late to this – I confess I did not realise they had already opened – but MERE is a Russian discounter and the Grocer has interesting details.

(Open the link in private mode if it doesn’t work initially).

This is no frills with a vengeance and described as “amazing value for money”.

The store makes even a cash and carry look quite well-appointed – and they also admit that you will not be able to buy everything you need there for your weekly shop.

But of course they’ve opened at a time when just in time fresh delivery is what actually costs Aldi and Lidl – like everyone else. Now that both Tesco and Sainsbury are price matching Aldi, the discounters have made much reduced UK profits.

MERE has everything delivered direct – as of course with one store they must – but that means as they also usually buy local, there is no secondary distribution and so, these days, with distribution charges as much as doubling they may well be on to something.

This first store is in Preston and the next store is due to open in South Wales later this month.

If the MERE store opening programme continues, and it is supposed to progress to the hundreds, then I suggest that will mean Aldi and Lidl have to pursue quality and compete with Tesco.

Unless they can actually price match MERE and still offer the rest of the range then, in due course some Aldi or Lidl pricing will come under significant pressure.

We shall see…

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