Masking deceit

Justin Madders MP@justinmadders who is Labour MP for Ellesmere Port & Neston – and, indeed, Shadow Health Minister, came up with this to provide a little levity for Saturday:

“Has anyone yet faced the conundrum of needing to buy a mask but they can’t go into the shop to buy one because they don’t have a mask to wear?”

He could have added that if any member of the government or their entourage faced this problem then the rules would as if by magic, change instantly…


  1. davy green -

    Bit of a silly comment-Public in England have been given a week’s notice re masks.I have been wearing a mask since March in shops-I was able to work out for myself the benefits of masking up without buffoon Johnson and his clan telling me.This MP is an example of the poor quality public representation that we have today.The Mayor of Leicester is another one-does not appear to have any idea at all what is happening in his city-if he visits his local hospital he will find out whereabouts in Leicester the infection rate is highest

    1. Peter May -

      Fair enough. But what I think is inexcusable is that they trail new regulations but don’t actually publish them till just 10 hours or so before they come in. If you’re trying to run a business you don’t know where you stand till the last minute.

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