Lying leads to incoherence

This is a really good piece in the ‘i’ from Ian Dunt.

He recounts the disaster of the office supplies previously mentioned

He goes on to say that the current government is:

An administration which has a sorry relationship with truthfulness, crumbling under its own contradictions.

That’s being kind… But of more consequence, he points out that the lying has them having no idea at all what they stand for – there is no coherence, except power for me – and sometimes ‘us’:

What does the Conservative party stand for after two and a half years of Johnson’s leadership? Levelling-up or fiscal discipline? The Red Wall or the Southern shires? Responsible economic management or the rip-it-up national adventurism of Brexit? Sober government or flashy showbusiness? No-one can tell you, because in truth the party gave up on values and committed itself entirely to an empty focus on popularity. Without it, there is no ground left to find purchase.

He also thinks that Johnson’s potential challengers are decidedly weak in consequence. I suggest that he is right.

…Indeed, the closer you look at Sunak or Truss, the weaker they seem to be. They’ll be put in charge of a party 12 years into government, with no clear idea of what it stands for, no values to motivate it, and no reputation left to maintain. Just another discarded victim of Johnson’s lust for power and prestige.

I like to hope that this, too is correct…

The day of reckoning is not Johnson’s alone. It applies equally to the party which helped install him.

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