Lost property: moral compass

I think it appropriate to add this screen shot of a civil service tweet – since. of course, deleted ( I’m told it lasted only ten minutes but got 33,000 retweets) – that went up very soon after Johnson’s lying press conference today, which showed contempt for the rule of law, never mind contempt for the overwhelming majority of people trying to do the right thing:

It would be a gross injustice if when Cummings stays in post, this civil servant loses his job.

If he or she doesn’t accept hush money I cannot imagine they will be short of crowdfunding support for the best possible lawyer to bring a claim for unfair dismissal.

Indeed, I’m tempted to suggest that the defence of being the sort of thing that any reasonable parent would do is likely to be available.

Additionally I now see JK Rowling has apparently offered to pay a year’s salary to the civil servant who posted this tweet!


  1. Bill Hughes -

    A very brave civil servant who did this. Maybe someone on the point of retirement, but could this affect their pension? The public would only be too willing to help pay for legal costs if the case is taken to court in which the government would be taken to the cleaners.

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed re bravery..

      1. Sean Danaher -

        I think JK Rowling indeed offered to pay a years salary.

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