Jolyon Maugham speaks to Owen Jones

I thought this interesting 17 minutes well worth it – in which Jolyon Maugham outlines his incredulity at the corrupt government practices he discovered and what he and the Good Law Project are trying to do about it:

Jolyon Maugham explains things simply and well – and in the current situation his Good Law Project represents one of the few beacons of hope in the UK…

And the latest news is… that the Metropolitan Police has said that, contrary to news reports, “they haven’t made a decision about whether to investigate the 20 May 2020 party yet”.

And further Jo Maugham has tweeted:

@JolyonMaugham·Sue Gray ought to say ‘given the elevated public interest I cannot conduct a truly independent investigation into whether the Cabinet Secretary and PM have broken the law.’ And kick the matter back to the Met which is, notionally, independent.


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