It’s democracy, stupid – or is it?

The told us last week that the number of threats to MPs has gone up by 126% from last year.

It is a pretty depressing twitterfeed, so I recommend you investigate it only if you don’t believe me!

Is the law around free speech and protest working?

Of course when the government chooses not to look after the electorate (aka its citizens) then these problems are, I suggest, bound to happen.

Remarkably to me too many MP’s are unaware of their electorate, or at least of their electorate’s circumstances.

Not only is neoliberalism in the dock but also this disastrous statistic is an indication of a broken democracy – because really our elections are ineffective – thay do not actually reflect the people’s views.

We desperately need, I suggest, some form of proportional representation, which is an idea that Westminster likes to suggest and implement for others – even as near as Scotland – but never for itself…


  1. Graham -

    And MP’s themselves are part of the problem of bringing politics and politicians into disrepute both by their language and their actions. Just a few examples: the Brexit referendum showed how many politicians are happy to lie brazenly; the expenses scandal, and the subsequent failure to enact radical reforms; MP’s with second (or third) jobs; MP’s and Lords paid to lobby on behalf of certain industries, such as private health companies; the revolving door between parliament and business; the way individuals from privileged backgrounds rise effortlessly to the top regardless of ability, honesty or integrity; their preposterous behaviour in the Chamber; the ludicrous time-wasting lobby voting system; the second largest unelected legislative chamber in the world; the circus of PMQ’s; their constant failure to give straight answers to straight questions….

    And of course the FPTP voting system. Yes, we need PR but also something done about the power of Parties and the undemocratic Whipping system which forces some MP’s to vote for party rather than conscience.

  2. Peter May -

    Agreed entirely.

  3. John Higson -

    The list goes on and I agree with all the failings listed. I would like to add that there seems to be no real way of holding the politicians to accounts other than blogs such as this one. There are no serious commentators in the forefront of the newspapers, television or radio. A small number exist but they do not present ineffective, often childishly presented television programmes. I, too could go on.

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