International development

After today’s percentage of GDP reduction on International Trade which was announced by Sunak, I cannot understand how, if the GDP is reducing anyway, as it clearly is, all the rhetoric is of much consequence.

Still it may be a useful sop to the Tory Right Wing who may not realise this, any more than they realise that Internatinal Development usually benefits UK industry, soft power and the prevalence of the English language….

Then this is what – even – Conservative Home suggests:

For sure – as below, is the extract of the 2019 Conservative manifesto:

Goes to show what a Johnson promise is really worth…

Lady Sugg, whose brief includes sustainable development in the House of Lords, resigned saying:

This promise should be kept in the tough times as well as the good. Given the link between our development spend and the health of our economy, the economic downturn has already led to significant cuts this year and I do not believe we should reduce our support further at a time of unprecedented global crises.

It has to be hoped that Conservatives, disagree with them as I usually do, might, in the near future at least, rediscover their ‘honourable’ roots?

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