Innocent drinks not so innocent after all

There is some interesting research publicised by the Mail on Line from the University of Colorado showing that we consume forty times as much fructose as we did in the 1700s.

Forty times as much fructose in just eleven or twelve generations is an awful lot of change and it unsurprising that most of us cannot cope.

Innocent drinks seemed originally so pure, so unthreatening and wholesome – what could be more appealing than refined vegetables and simple fruit juice. (No wonder Coca-Cola couldn’t resist buying them).

The first problem is the refining. It turns out we are made to consume not only the essentials but also some of those things that we cannot actually use. Our heritage has got used to them and now that is the optimal consumption system.

And then have you seen a peach from the stone age?

Well I have – at least one as it was likely to have been – and more than half of it was -appropriately- stone! Something we would consider a taking back to the (green)grocer offence today…

Our origins mean that we are just not used to all this fructose.

Our bodies have not caught up.

Neither are we used to all this food refinement.

In fact I’d suggest that in food, the better the marketing, the more we should beware.

It may nourish us, but is very likely to be worse for our health and well-being.