In touch or not?

Jo Johnson has tweeted this and Tom Kibasi of the IPPR has suggested that his daily newspaper reading suggests he is not in touch with his constituents.

It is, of course, an arguable case. But to me, it is much more likely that in reading this trio of newspapers – the FT, The New York Times and Le Monde, he has a good view of foreign affairs as well as the idea of how others see us. As for home policy – not so much.

The FT is frequently mentioned in PP and I generally consider it a reliable source. The New York Times may have been linked to – though I’m less sure of that – and personally, I rarely read it. Le Monde is a paper I do my best to glance over – but for me, it is so serious and dense that even glancing over is difficult…

Fine, that’s the situation for a PP contributor – why should an MP be different?

I don’t actually think it really should be an awful lot different – but it would have been much better for Jo Johnson, as an MP, if he had actually admitted to reading the local rag – the Orpington Echo – or whatever it is. But that’s how an Eton education seems to give you a world view, without, it appears a local one. Even if his brother’s global Britain is somewhat flawed…

Indeed as he’s married to a Guardian journalist, one might congratulate him for not disclosing any Guardian reading tendency. Something perhaps his Conservative Constituency Party might be less than enthusiastic for…

And anyway the local newspaper seems to be this, whose name is, unfortunately almost an essence of neoliberalism!

So is Tom Kibasi right?

I confess I started out by thinking he wasn’t. Yet whilst I think we must be wary of the press, we still have to acknowledge that they have investigatory journalism to contribute.

Indeed, with the confused and confusing internet, this is nowadays, probably their sole legitimate purpose in society.