If you can’t inject it…

Drinking it will, Mr Trump will confirm, I’m sure, prove to be equally curative or prophylactic…

Even the ‘New York Times’ has been thrown by Trump:

Trump was, literally, deadly.

As John Mckenroe used to say in an earlier, simpler world:

“You cannot be serious…”


  1. Graham -

    I was being sarcastic …. as if anyone in their right mind would suggest such an idiotic and dangerous idea .. although it does kill it in seconds.

    1. Peter May -

      I didn’t get the sarcasm bit either…

  2. Tony_B -

    Unless his whole presidency is a satire, I don’t GET IT?

    Trump usually identifies the objects of his scorn, what purpose has it without a casualty. Who is it in the #dettol case?

    Trump’s conversational style is based on sarcasm, it comes directly from his long career of delivering verbal threats of disapproval and venom towards unfortunate recipients [1].

    I have noticed when meeting powerful people; most have incredible charm but don’t be fooled that is readily matched by equally powerful forces of antagonism. The two faces of Trumpism are extremes.

    [1] https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-surprising-benefits-of-sarcasm/

  3. Samuel Johnson -

    I can’t recall where I read it, maybe the Washington Post, but reportedly he claimed in an answer to a question from a journalist that he was being sarcastic and “I was looking at you”.

    The reply: “I wasn’t there”.

  4. Peter May -

    I now rather regret mentioning – even facetiously – Trump’s bizarre comments at all.
    From what we all suggest, I’m becoming ever more fearful that he really cannot be said any longer to be on the straight and narrow…

  5. Samuel Johnson -

    Here’s a source: https://twitter.com/jbendery/status/1253743443832176647?s=19

    A neighbour who is a nurse has texted that the term for injecting disinfectant is “embalming”. But “Is, it Dettol o’clock?” was one of the better gags du jour.

    Predictably, the US media are now reporting dozens of cases of bleach consumption. https://twitter.com/jbendery/status/1254021166160916481?s=19 (NY Daily News story; VPN needed to read).

    Trump is not on the straight and narrow cognitively, ethically or morally. This interview with author & journalist Sarah Kendzior is the most hair-raising thing yet on this (that I have come across): https://m.soundcloud.com/wort-fm/wort-200413-130006bb.

    Today’s NYT has a piece painting him like a wounded animal in confinement, depressed about his polling numbers. I am less concerned about the contents of Sarah Kendzior’s book & interview than with what we may see in a Trump lame duck phase.

  6. Graham -

    A couple of weeks ago I met a friend as we walked our dogs (6 feet apart of course). He had just listened to Trump on TV and said he thought he was “sectionable”. Who am I to disagree?

    What is very worrying is that millions of Americans still think he’s doing just fine.

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