If proof were needed that our current government doesn’t care for its citizens..

We learn from Which? that the testing system in order to facilitate travel abroad is chaotic and favours the scammers – which is entirely in accordance, of course, with government policy.

If you listen to the BBC Today programme in the last quarter of an hour you will see that the government website is littered with suppliers offering half truths and lies, and it is indeed indicative of significant problems for those of us who are (for me) cavalier enough to go abroad on holiday…

Still, if you are happy with that risk, you certainly cannot rely on your own government to actually advise you.

They’ll simply give you a list with, naturally, charlatans included.

With a normal government this would be very unaccustomed – but is now so unremittingly ordinary that it is left to Which? to expose the lies…

If only going abroad on holiday were the least of our worries…

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