1. Bill Hughes -

    Presumably the whale takes the CO2 out of the water of the ocean lowering its concentration allowing more absorbtion from the air. Whether there are a sufficient number of whales to make an appreciable difference is a moot point. However thanks for the info – most interesting.

    1. Peter May -

      If I understand correctly it has as much to do with the plankton that do not occur without the whales. Figures I have seen are about 1 million whales now and 3 million before whaling really got going in the last century

  2. Andrew Dickie -

    Makes whaling appear even more of a senseless barbarity.

    Those nations still engaging in it need to mend their ways, or be shunned as pariahs.

    1. Peter May -


  3. Graham -

    We need both. And both have been wantonly killed. But what’s the maths? How many trees can the world support Vs whales?

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