Hospital Food

At last Labour is concerned with food. It has plans to improve hospital food.

“Hospital food” always reminds me of those occasions in pubs, which thankfully, I’ve moved on from, when someone would look at me menacingly in the eyes whilst enquiring whether I liked hospital food. I didn’t know then – and I’m delighted to say I still don’t – but I think that the honest reply is that it is all variable.

Indeed it is really a work of considerable art because, although you can offer a menu there is no indication that your diners will be staying to eat – and indeed there is a desire by most of them to be gone as soon as possible.

They are, of course, not there for the food. But that is exactly the reason why there should be nutritional requirements. I’m sure most hospitals endeavour to provide proper nutritional standards and even the visitors will gradually (and gradually is unfortunate – they will be the future patients) be subject to this.

Labour’s idea is to make nutritional requirements statutory which, in effect, is really a result of the severe current cost pressures of the NHS. Many NHS Trusts must be tempted to save on food as a way of economising. We know this is false economy and indeed highly misunderstood  but that is what the current government requires.

By putting requirements into statute at least a future Labour government would be obliging a subsequent administration to reverse the requirements- so it has to be hoped that, if this occurred, it would be a scandal.

It is appalling too, that the same article refers to malnutrition in 2018, and in the fourth or fifth (allegedly) richest country in the world. The so called financial constraints have upset the economic prosperity of people to such an extent that we are spending our limited resources on admitting a proportion of our population to hospital for malnutrition. Never mind the human cost – how anyone can consider this sensible economics is beyond me.

Remarkably, Labour doesn’t say this, but it is at least eventually,  an obvious win for Labour. Progress is extraordinarily slow. Lets hope it’s sure…

Perhaps malnutrition has something to do with food respect and our consequent eating times?

So the US is clearly the junk food, quick dining, capital of the world. I feel compelled to wish Mr Trump a good life, because at least his button on the desk is not for nuclear war, but simply for Coca Cola which, fortunately for us all, is likely to kill him before it kills us.