Government is killing us

The UK has more excess deaths in 2020 than at any time since second world war. That is an extra 91,000 deaths in U.K. in 2020.

Last time we saw mortality per head on this scale was 1929.

There is no excuse for the death toll we have endured. We have a long failing privatised track and trace system which has never been improved and surely now has effectively been abandoned… We hear nothing of it – only vaccines. But vaccines are not the solution unless they are instant, so test and trace has to continue for some considerable time yet. It would be nice if it worked.

And we still have people who are supposed to self-isolate on no money, which our callous government refuses to correct.

And according to the holder of one of the great ‘offices of state’ – Ms Patel – the infection rate rise is OUR fault for not obeying the regulations. That is gaslighting the nation. Did she mention that there have been at least 65 revisions to the lockdown laws since they were first passed – that’s more than one a week?

There is much talk about how there are many more people out and about than in the first lockdown – but in fact there are many more ‘key’ workers who are working. Estate agents, for example are vital for the smooth running of the nation and even now are going about their essential business….

More people are out and about… because more people are allowed to be.

But Patel finds it much easier to blame the people for abiding by the rules her very own government put in place.

This is certainly world- beating, world-beating British government failure, pipped to the post in deaths per million by that well-known seat of smooth running government – Italy.

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