Government is brutalising society

There was a very interesting post via Novara Media’s TyskySour programme (about 30 minutes in) discussing Thursday’s murders in Plymouth. The writer said:

I’d internalised a lot of shame around my disability, mental health issues etc, feeling disgusting and unwanted, and I absolutely had a sense of wounded entitlement as well. Left institutions like Novara did a lot to steer me away from incel thinking. I think scapegoating women and minorities would have been very tempting if there hadn’t been an active left diagramming the forces in society that were making me feel terrible. The scroungers/skivers narratives of the right wing press, the austerity programme of the government, the marketisation of social life etc. My shame and anger were pretty formless, they could have gone anywhere.

We can see that an aimless, atomised society helps people to get sucked into internet cultures and some of those will be dangerous and help to form the outlook of unhappy, despairing people, which can end up with them doing desperate and dangerous things.

So it actually turns out that when government treats citizens without respect it leads their citizens to reciprocate. It drives out dignity, brutalises all of us and forces one against the other.

Leaving citizens without personal hope makes them dissatisfied and will make some desperate.

Desperate enough to take their own lives and sometimes, even more tragically, desperate enough to take others with them.

This, I suggest is part of the price of more than a decade of austerity and of governments’ failure to properly care for its citizens and instead to blame them for their failures, as if it was their sole responsibility. Government meanwhile fails to admit that government shapes society such that it can also significantly shape our own individual ‘success’ and ‘failure’.

If government cannot care for its citizens then what exactly is the point of it?

And a further reason to recognise that happy people will be good