European Court of Human Rights

This is from 2016 but bears repeating if you haven’t seen it before – what was decidedly comedic now turns out to be a straight prophesy:

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) was set up in 1949.

It is completely separate and has nothing to do with the EU. It was actually set up on the initiative of Winston Churchill – Johnson’s supposed idol…

It was written mostly by British lawyers.

Quite remarkably, as this Byline Times article points out, PM Johnson’s grandfather, James Fawcett, was a lawyer; who helped draft the UN Declaration of Human Rights & was a member of the ECHR from 1962-1984, serving as its President 1972-1981.

From that body, which became the European Convention on Human Rights, the British Parliament adopted the Human Rights Act in 1998.

And if the UK withdraws from ECHR, the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement would actually be invalidated….

Although Johnson would certainly sell his grandmother, let alone betray his grandfather, it is interesting that the Fawcett society of women’s rights lawyers is, if not named in his grandparent’s memory, certainly a family connection…

Not, of course that that enables us in any way to have a coherent or responsive government…


  1. Andrew -

    Certainly? Has anyone does the research? Distant relations, perhaps.

    The Fawcett Society is named for the suffragist Millicent Fawcett (née Garrett), sister of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, and mother of the mathematician Philippa Fawcett who famously came “above the Senior Wrangler” at Cambridge in 1890 (that is, above the top male mathematician in her final year, at a time when women were not permitted to graduate).

    Their family – the Garretts – manufactured agricultural machinery in Suffolk. Millicent’s husband – Henry Fawcett – was an MP, and his father William Fawcett was a draper in Salisbury, where he became mayor, but he was born in 1793 at Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland.

    Johnson’s maternal grandfather was the lawyer Sir James Fawcett, whose own father, Joseph Fawcett, was a Church of England clergyman, and was also born in Cumbia. His own father (Johnson’s great great grandfather) was another William Fawcett, but born 1839 in Brough, Westmorland. The family have roots in Cumbria and Westmorland for several more generations.

    So they both go back to the northwest. I’ve not found a direct connection but suspect there may be one somewhere, although it goes back at least four or so generations

    1. Peter May -

      I accept that distant relation would have been more apt!

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