Endemic health

Amid worrying news of Cyprus discovering a new Covid variant that appears to combine Delta and Omicron characteristics, we have a regular array of Conservative MP’s saying that Covid will become ‘endemic’, as though that somehow means it’s all okay and we can relax and switch off.

What it really means is that it is permanently circulating in your society and you need well resourced and trained public health teams to track it and stop it getting out of hand. This may well include a permanent change in everyday human behaviour – just as, for example, we now avoid drinking untreated water. So mask wearing and air filtration may well be here to stay – in fact in the UK, and especially England, it would be rather nice if they had actually arrived…

And for any libertarian Tories reading I thought this would be a good cut out and keep guide:

(Or as Dr Dan Goyal@danielgoyal says ‘Only This Government could think spin could turn a pandemic to an endemic’).

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