Dubious levelling…

So a three bedroom house in this bi-election land of Hartlepool is worth less than a Downing Street flat £58,0000 makeover? Whoever knew?

Not the Tory candidate – ex resident of the Cayman Islands, for sure.

But Johnson is of course, a nice chap…

The only problem is that Johnson is as, Caroline Lucas has stated, a serial liar.


  1. Schofield -

    Was there ever much in the way of a social contract in Britain? Was there ever much social solidarity? Did imperialism, the building of the British Empire, temporarily mask this lack of social togetherness? Wasn’t the failure of the Nazis in Germany under Hitler the same thing with its promotion of the Ayran Race myth and desire to build a Reich empire on the back of this myth?

    Now that global capitalism with its loyalty to no one country has gained ascendancy the British working class has lost out with their jobs going abroad and paranoia has grown without much in the way of understanding its causes. Under such circumstances it’s understandable that the purveyors of Brexit have found such favour and the serial lying behind it discounted.

    1. Peter May -

      I still find it remarkable that people can discount dubiously obtained and un-essential money to redecorate a flat when a home to live in is available for the same money or, as Andrew points out, it is actually more than twice the median wage.
      This is actually about fairness – as ‘levelling up’ implies.
      People seem to discount that too!

  2. Andrew -

    Not only does £58,000 exceed the price of some houses, it is also more than twice median earnings.

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