Double dealing and dealing double…

I don’t usually link to a Craig Murray article, because, although I consider him always interesting, I’m less sure of his occasional speculations.

Here though, I suggest, as an ex insider – indeed Ambassador, in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, he gives genuine insight into current events.

A certain Mrs Sacoolas, implicated – or at least present, in the sad death of a British motorcyclist in Northamptonshire, is alleged to have departed our shores because she had diplomatic immunity.

Craig Murray shows, with incisive knowledge, that she was married to a spy who was in fact listening to the British, via CGHQ, in a quid pro quo for the Americans, where the British, in America, listen to them.

– All designed, we should realise, to undermine national legal challenges. Indeed probably this is why she was sent home with the pseudo ‘diplomatic’ immunity. The article shows the evidence that she appears nowhere on the Vienna Convention diplomatic list.

God forbid that this cunning scheme should come to light through the mainstream media (it hasn’t) because, it appears that they are all on the Defence and Security Advisory Committee.

I can only ask why do our politicians – and especially our media think we are all so naive?

The truth may hurt – but surely it doesn’t hurt us


  1. Michael Green -

    Plausible, but I would like to see corroboration from another source

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