Do you want our PPE or not?

Wednesday’s open letter to Health Secretary, Matt Hancock deserves highlighting.

Hancock is obsessed by buying everything ‘at scale’ but really needs to start thinking as though this was a life threatening emergency rather than a threat to Conservative narrow ideology – whether he obtains the bulk buying discount – or not.

Doesn’t he and Johnson consider that government has a duty of care? Both to our – and, in the end, his or our companies and employees?

Never mind an obligation towards the urgent security of all NHS and care staff – in effect – pretty much all of us?

Amazingly there are specific complaints about PPE supply where there has been precisely no response.

Mentioned in the same link seems to be the decision to award a data contract in ‘an emergency’.

Why, I wonder, is it an emergency for one – yet, as it were (or actually is), not for all?