Dick by name…

The usually right wing Nick Ferrari yesterday interviewed the Commissioner Of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, on LBC.

She maintained that :

She was “very disappointed” that @ExtinctionR are returning to London this month. She says she doesn’t believe London supports such disruption and describes it as “frustrating”.

Perhaps the disruption of flooding or of the flaming countryside is preferable?

And is supported by London?

I think this is pretty high handed – (even, perhaps, in current circumstances, Priti high handed, for they both appear to get on..)

And – to digress for a minute – Home Secretary, Patel has appointed someone from the TaxPayer’s Alliance, no less, to be her spokesman. At taxpayers’ expense, as it were. These people have neither conscience, nor sense of irony.

Anyway, who does the unfortunately named Dick, think she is?

She can ‘believe’ all she likes – but I think there is evidence that a majority of the country support action to reverse CO2 emissions and the greening of the economy.

But in a way, that is neither here nor there – it is absolutely not for her to express such opinions. She is surely in charge simply of facilitating peaceful protest – for whatever reason. It is not Extinction Rebellion (XR) that is the problem – it is current government’s unwillingness to take on board climate heating – as is currently so very evident.

Why is she commenting otherwise?

I might be surprised, but I’m not. Her handling of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes should have left her demoted at least, but didn’t.

Her failure to properly investigate Vote Leave in a timely manner yet without result contributed to the institutional corruption of the Metropolitan Police, even all the while insisting that it does not exist.

It is time to spread around important state investigations to Police services outside London – and send the appropriate financial resources with them. In Scotland Yard we have a cosy coterie of investigators based just off Whitehall investigating their nearby neighbours.

That really is a Metropolitan elite…

Meanwhile for those hoping for Green change, all we have to do now is convince the capitalists they can make as much money saving the planet as they can by destroying it.

But, we have been warned, Cressida Dick does not, apparently, agree…


  1. Schofield -

    “Anyway, who does the unfortunately named Dick, think she is?” – Bent?

    1. Peter May -

      She certainly is in my view

      Although of course that has nothing at all to do with her being a lesbian.

  2. Graham -

    Like you I was amazed and disgusted at her apparently irresistible rise after the tragedy of Jean Charles de Menezes. Anyone with a shred of conscience would have resigned. But perhaps not so surprising given the Met’s record. And her views on ER meld nicely with Priti Nasty.

    To quote a line from an old US comedy (Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in) “Say good night Dick.” “Good night Dick.”

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